Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Project

Now that I've decided to do this little experiment, I need to establish some ground rules for myself to get started. First, I will be allowed to take several pictures during the day and then choose one (and only one!) to post for the day. The photo will be posted at the end of the day or early the following morning, always with the date of the photo in the title. In rare events, some photos may be posted late due to lack of access to my computer. For example, pictures taken during a weekend visiting my parents or in-laws, a week at the beach over the summer or some random interruption like me being called in to work on an overnight shift (puts me into a confused state of half sleep for a day afterwards). While I plan on willingly carrying my camera around with me on most occasions, I refuse to tote along my laptop to family events or vacations where the whole point is to be technology-free. In these instances, the photos will be posted as soon as I am reunited with my laptop with a brief explanation for the hiatus.

I do expect that some pictures will require a caption or comment but I don't want to get to wordy. The idea is to let the picture speak. When I look back through all of them at the end of the year I want to get a sense of the emotions that the picture evoked. I want to recall why I chose that particular picture for that day.

Finally, and this is slightly off-topic, I realized that the title is a bit of a misnomer. This is a leap year (Happy Birthday, Grampa!) so there should actually be 366 pictures. I have no interest in changing the name of the project but I will take full responsibility for any damage this misleading error may cause.

And so, in five days 365 Pictures officially begins. I can't wait to see what happens...

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