Monday, January 9, 2012

The Idea for 365

Welcome to 365 Pictures. This is an idea that came to me out of no where. This idea showed up while I was half-watching Jeopardy and waiting for my husband to get home. This idea may have been formed by equal parts inspiration and boredom. But I like it, and I want to give it a try.

I will post one picture for each day of the next 365 days starting on my 35th birthday on Sunday. I hope that the pictures will be representative of what is happening that day, or that week or month. They may not. They may represent the fact that I sat up in bed at 11:15pm and said, "Oh shit, I never took a picture today." Regardless, I want to see what one year of my life looks like in just pictures. There may be a short caption or comment to go along with the pictures; some pictures may be self-explanatory. My hope is that, for the most part, words won't really be necessary.

You may ask, why now? Why my 35th birthday? Am I having some type of mid-life crisis? Not exactly, but sort of. Even though we are only nine days into the new year, it seems to be shaping into a year of change for me and my husband, Alex. Our days are numbered here in NYC, they have been for quite a while, and we've talked casually about moving out of city. We've also talked about starting a family in the near future. Now, in these early weeks of 2012, it seems like we want to try to do both of these major, life-changing events at the same time. It wasn't necessarily how we planned to do this but, thanks to some recent developments along with our unfaltering desire to be away from this crazy town, it seems to be where we're headed.

So, facing the possibility of some changes to our cozy little life here in Astoria, my thoughts turned to where we might be at this time next year. If this is a big year of change, I want these pictures to document the journey with all it's ups and downs that it will inevitably occur. As with most busy years, they seem to go by in a flash and you realized you missed it all. If it turns out that things unravel a little slower, these pictures will hopefully serve as a reinforcement (or warning) for what we are doing right (or wrong, as the case may be).

I hope I can capture some of those moments that, when they happen, we are sure we'll remember but always seem to get lost in the whirlwind of life. I hope I get a few great shots. In truth, I hope I can keep this going for a year. It should be an interesting experiment.

The first picture will be taken on my birthday, January 15th. Please, stay tuned....

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